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Strategy & Objectives

EXM helps you determine the goals of your trade show program, define event strategies and reach your target market. We work with you to develop your message, how it is to be presented and find the most creative ways to display your brand.
Site Selection & Planning
EXM conducts thorough site inspections and researches accommodations, transportation, entertainment and general logistics. We evaluate all of the opportunities for your group and present the best locations for your event.
Exhibit Design & Fabrication
EXM is aligned with the most innovative graphic design firms, exhibit builders and materials suppliers. We provide the most unique and cost efficient solutions for displaying your message and differentiating your brand.
Display Management
EXM arranges and coordinates all the on-site activities associated with exhibitor services. We interface with all of the vendors including shipping, warehousing, installation, registration, electrical services, Internet connections and technical requirements.
Video Conferencing
EXM supplies both temporary and permanent video conferencing solutions for your business. Whether your meetings are domestic or international, internal or external, once a week or once a month, we arrange for hardware, services providers, network connections and customer support.
Tour Development
EXM develops and manages all aspects of your touring exhibit program. Every task from local and city logistics, tour staffing, and production requirements, to the design of your vehicular marketing and sampling programs is administered by EXM professionals.
Exhibition & Performance Marketing
EXM assists your show performance by developing a unique multi-media presentation for your corporate or product message. We can also add a live theater presentation or professional demonstrator in order to create a distinctive and comprehensive visual platform for your exhibition.
Sales Coaching
EXM helps your sales associates deliver your message consistently and uniformly. We teach you the best show floor-selling techniques and assist you by segmenting the most qualified prospects from the balance of your booth attendees.
Event Measurement
EXM provides a customized lead measurement system designed to assess the success of your event and ensure that you achieve your pre-show objectives. We can also design a post show fulfillment program, which delivers a targeted message to your most qualified show prospects.